Continual Professional Development for all Make up and Hair artists, Teachers in Schools, Colleges and Academies that just want to perfect or learn  new skills and techniques.

Global Make up Certificates will be issued with all CPD undertaken.

We have a wide variety of  working and fully qualified industry professionals who can show and teach you up to date  techniques with excellent product information and demonstartion.

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We can also tailor your CPD requirements to your Companies requirements and we can travel to deliver CPD to you at your venue if you have 5 or more Lecturers on the CPD training.


Cut Crease eveing make up trends- Guest Lecturer Laura Ellis

Up to date blending TECHNIQUES for thIS very popular fashion trend.

Including product placement, blending, eyebrow sculpting to frame the face,

full coverage foundation with contour and highlight.


SFX - Special effectsfor film and t.v- various levels of training given depending on the technical ability needed.Guest Lecturers_ Amber Shorrock and Sarah Blaire SFX MUA'S.

Including Life casting,moulding,casting

silicone prosthetics  and applications  and blending  with painting techniques.

Safe removal and storage.




How to keep up to date and ahead of the trends and how to technically master skin, strobing, graphic eye with colour pop and architect eyeliner of different colours and techniques.



high fashion and couture hair styling

Different ways in which  to get editorial techniques and changes used on editorial shoots and commercial sites like Top shop, ASOS and H&M.


Commenrcail Make up and hair-Guest Lecturer Victoria Hills 

Working on Film and T.V and Commercials requires a different approach to make up and hair with  make up needing to be precise , working with different lighting and how to  work well in a pressured environment.


Colour Theory 

Make up for all skin tones 

This course covers how to cover, highlight and match skin of all tones perfectly.

You will be required to complete a natural strobing make up , full coverage make up, Asian bridal make up and blemish or pigmentation cover/ camouflage for flawless skin.

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Airbrush  and face painting masterclasses and technique courses 

These two techniques can be taught separately or together but really go hand in hand with creative face and body painting.

You will learn all the techniques products and tips and tricks to enhance your skills already or lean and practice new ones with the latest products .

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