Operation Princess

"All true lionesses make their sisters look their best at all times"

Victoria Hills ;  hair and make up artist

Victoria Hills ;  hair and make up artist

Mission Statemnet for Operation Princess:


Operation Princess is a service close to my heart that we have decided to set up that just uses our love of make up and hair  to serve women of all  races, backgrounds and religions to make them look and feel like a princess again. We will bring our caring team in anywhere, schools, hospitals, young offenders institutes , prisons .... really anywhere where women need a bit of princess pampering ! We can offer the following services:

Hair restyling and colouring and cutting

Make up- pamper session 

Make up 1-2-1  lessons 

Skin perfecting and correct cleaning and beautifying processes

Small make up courses 


making all lionesses  feel part of the Pride !

Andrea Hardman:

Andrea is a very experienced hairdresser who specialises in cutting and  colouring, working hard to always perfect your colour to suit you with an excellent cut to make you feel like a true princess. Andrea is a qualified make up artist as well and is a real listener making sure she makes everyone feel and look beautiful , she is also a hoot with a great sense of humour!  


Andrea Hardman- Hair and make up artist.

Andrea Hardman- Hair and make up artist.


Want to be involved?

If you feel that you would like to be part of Operation Princess please get in touch via email, social media or contact Victoria Hills and she will be happy to chat to you about it.


Or if you are a company who would like us to come in please contact Victoria Hills @ globalmakeupacademy@gmail.com for further information.

Catherine Bobby- Make up and hair artist 

Catherine Bobby- Make up and hair artist 

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